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About Compounding

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients. Compounding allows pharmacists to create products that fit their patients needs, such as changing its strength or altering its form to make it easier to ingest. Through the triad relationship of patient, physician and pharmacist, all three can work together to solve unique medical problems.

What We Compound

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

    Not all hormones are created equally. Hormone Replacement Therapy is not the same as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Bioidentical means that the hormone is the naturally occurring structure as what your body produces. Some examples include estradiol, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, 7-keto DHEA, liothyronine, and thyroid.

    Many hormones that are synthesized in a laboratory are not chemically the same. Many chemicals have 'medroxy' or 'ethinyl' groups attached to the base sex hormone structure. These hormones will attach to the same receptors in the body, but much like an improperly fitting glove, do not attach and signal the same as bioidentical hormones. The structural differences cause different biological responses, often mimicking some positive, but also causing many negative.

    Bioidentical hormones are the same that your body produces and when given properly can soothe out hormone imbalances, without causing many of the negative side effects of synthetic hormones. The patient works with their physician and their compounding pharmacist to choose the dosage and route of administration that is most beneficial. Dosage forms include capsules, topical creams, suppositories, sublingual lozenges, and sublingual tablets.

    In addition to BHRT, there is often a need for good quality supplements such as antioxidants, adrenal support and multivitamins. Ask our pharmacists about the benefits of supplementation.

  • Dental

    We work closely with dentists to compound a wide variety of dental preparations including:

    • Burning mouth rinse
    • Chlorhexidine gel
    • Numbing gels
    • Neuropathic pain gels
    • Oral rinses
    • And many more

  • Dermatology

    The most difficult to prepare are dermatological compounds. These are multi-ingredient products that are customized to each patient. We specialize in dermatological products that many other pharmacies do not carry, or have access to. Many preparations require very special techniques and stabilizing compounds to prevent grittiness or degradation. We have developed many special compound combinations to treat everything from acne to hair loss, and excessive sweating.

  • Discontinued Products

    Occasionally, drug manufacturers decide to discontinue the production of some medications for different reasons. One of the benefits of compounding is still having access to the raw powders, meaning we can still prepare medication as it was previously made. Some of our commonly made products include:

    • Disulfiram
    • Glycopyrrolate
    • Phenazopyridine
    • Probenecid
    • And many more

  • Pain Management

    Pharmacy compounding offers patients customized options for pain medication. We can provide alternative methods of delivery for medications, such as highly penetrating transdermal creams, gels or sprays, which get the medication directly to the site of action and bypass the GI tract.

    Some chronic pain sufferers require multiple products, and they can be combined into a single compounded medication. Pharmacy compounding may help improve a patient’s quality of life by providing relief with potentially fewer side effects and less overall medication.

  • Pediatrics

    Compounding can benefit young patients in many ways. A compounding pharmacist will work with your child’s pediatrician or family doctor to compound medications for pain relief, oral thrush, head lice, diaper rash, skin disorders and much more.

    Many children have difficulty with swallowing commercially made tablets and capsules. A compounding pharmacist can prepare medications for children in alternate dosage forms such as oral suspensions, gummy treats and lollipops, all in a wide variety of flavours.

    The compounding team at Northmount Pharmacy can also usually prepare medications for children without preservatives, dyes and sugars.

  • Sports Medicine

    Northmount Pharmacy has had the luxury of working with all types of professional athletes. This has given us plenty of insight into what works best for our customers when it comes to sports injuries. Some of our commonly made products include:

    • Topical antifungals
    • Transdermal analgesics and muscle relaxants
    • Transdermal gels and sticks
    • And many more

  • Veterinary

    To learn more about our veterinary compounds, please visit the Veterinary page.